Kiwiana Tours abide by the “code of practice for pastoral care of international students” when conducting tours for students in their care. We expect everyone to fit in with the rest of the tour group and to be willing to assist in tasks associated with general cleaning, meals and / or whatever else may be required.


Activity operators involve an element of risk. We will not run an activity if we regard the conditions (weather, flooded rivers, etc.) as too dangerous. The company is not liable for any event or change of itinerary that is beyond our control, including severe weather conditions, natural disasters, industrial action, etc. We do not accept liability for failure on the part of subcontractors. Liabilities of airline carriers are limited as specified on the air travel ticket, conditions of contract and / or carriage & tariffs. Whilst we take all reasonable care with selecting accredited activity operators that are included in your tour, e.g. Hotels, Airlines, or for optional activities, Kiwiana Tours will not accept responsibility for any failure of conduct or performance that involves any third party operators, their equipment or their employees.

Travel Insurance

Kiwiana Tours recommends a comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy at the time of booking, which should cover medical expenses, loss of luggage, cancellation fees, etc. Kiwiana Tour has full Public Liability Insurance.

Changes to Itinerary

Kiwiana Tours reserve the right to cancel a tour, if there is not the minimum number of 8 passengers booked on tour, amend tour schedules with no additional charge or refund to the traveler. Kiwiana Tours reserve the right to offer an alternative tour and / or future tour in lieu of any refund. Kiwiana Tours reserves the right to make changes to itineraries or cancel any trip, including a guaranteed trip, at any time prior to departure, if Kiwiana Tour deems it necessary, including natural disasters, political instability, terrorism, weather, cultural conditions or other external events. It is imperative that you download the most up to date information from our website just prior to their trip departing.

Permission for Tours

All High school students 18 years and under, please ensure you have the permission of your natural parents and from your school to join any tours offered by Kiwiana Tours. This will also be required with your booking form details. Please contact your international Dean or email us here to receive this form.

Kiwiana Tours policy for under 18 years and high school students. Under NO situation or circumstance leading to the purchase or drinking of alcohol, smoking cigarettes, illegal drug use or inhalations of a chemical substance is allowed and will not be tolerated on any tour operated by Kiwiana Tours. If found,  students will be sent back to their homestay and the school will be informed, students will not get a refund and the cost of returning a student is at their cost!

6. Cancellation Policy 

If you cancel your booking there is a $50.00 cancellation Admin fee plus….

Cancelled 5 weeks prior to departure there is a 20% fee of the purchase price

Cancel 4 weeks prior to departure there is a 50% fee of the purchase price

Cancel 2 weeks prior to departure there is 60% fee of the purchase price

Cancel 7 day prior to departure there is 90% fee of the purchase price

Cancel after 7 days there is no refund.

Failure to pay the full amount before the date of departure will be deemed cancellation by default and no refund given.

Transferring Tours

If you wish to transfer to another tour and there is space available there will be an administration charge of $10.

Itinerary Variations

KTL reserves the right to vary the itinerary with no additional charge or refund to you where circumstances beyond KTL control and or  make changes necessary (eg. cancellation of activity due to weather, breakdowns).

KTL reserves the right, without payment of compensation, to require you to withdraw from or leave the tour, if in the opinion of KTL representatives, your behavior or  physical or mental condition may endanger the health, safety, interests or welfare of yourself or others. Kiwiana Tours reserve the right to contact legal guardians and or agents of any travelling tour participant – who, due to their actions, cause problems and or tour disruption that may endanger health, safety or welfare of themselves or other tour travelers, or have a negative impact on the enjoyment of the tour group members. Kiwiana tours reserve the right to remove any “at risk” tour traveler in a safe and well-arranged manner. In such cases no refunds will be paid and expenditures for any such arrangements that incur cost to Kiwiana Tour will be at the cost of the traveler(s).

KTL is under no obligation to refund money to you where:

  • Circumstances arising beyond KTLs control require alternative arrangements to be made to ensure the safety and/or further participation and enjoyment of the tour.
  • You miss any part of the tour (including sightseeing), do not use accommodation, or leave after it has started.
  • The money in respect of flight or transport costs.

Kiwiana Tours 2009 Limited Rules

KTL Rules and the Laws of New Zealand apply at all times. If you are found breaking KTL’s rules or New Zealand law, you will be sent back to your host family at your own cost with no refund from KTL.

The KTL Rules are summarized below and may be amended from time to time at the discretion of KTL. The applicable KTL Rules will be outlined by your Tour Manager at the commencement of your tour.

  • No buying, possession or drinking of alcohol , no possession or smoking of illegal drugs or inhalation of any chemical substances at all while on tour regardless of age and New Zealand Liquor Licensing Rules.
  • Do not behave in a way that may endanger the health, safety, interests and welfare of yourself or others.
  •  no-smoking 
  • Speak in English unless all other people present share the language you are speaking.
  • Treat people, accommodation and the coach with respect.
  • Only participate in activities for which you have provided KTL with written permission from your natural parents.
  • Where you are 18 years old or over your passport is to be provided to the Tour Manager for safe keeping during the period of the tour (This excludes University Students). The Tour Manager’s decision is final in respect of the enforcement of the KTL Rules.
  • Seats belts must be worn at all times when the vehicle is traveling and no walking around the Vehicle when the coach is moving.
  • Rubbish must put into the waste bag provided on each vehicle.

Permission Forms

You will need written permission from your natural parents to join an KTL tour and to participate in optional activities. Your parents need to complete and submit the permission form before the start of the tour. This is an KTL requirement to participate in optional activities. (This excludes University Students)

Lost Property

Please name property and keep valuables on your person or locked away. KTL will dispose of any property that is left or returned to KTL and not claimed within 3 months from completion of your tour. KTL are not responsible for items forgotten or left behind during the tour or after the tour. We will make our best effort to remedy a notified loss to make the best possible effort to have items returned to the traveler. The “burden of responsibility” of all personal items whilst on tour, will be each traveler. So, please look after your gear.

Facebook/Photo Waiver

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, any photographs taken on tour by KTL staff or provided to KTL by you, including photographs with you in them, may be used by KTL for promotion work and advertising, including website, Facebook and other media.

Personal Responsibility

KTL and its representatives take all practicable steps to identify and minimise potential dangers for all participants on tour. However, to the extent permitted by law, KTL its staff and management do not accept any liability for any accident or injury to you or your property.

We reserve the right to withdraw you from an activity if, in our opinion you are likely to endanger yourself or others. We also reserve the right to cancel any activity if we become concerned for any reason for your safety or that of any other person.

You must notify the Tour Manager or another KTL representative if you are concerned for your safety while on tour.

KTL is NOT responsible for:

  • Mechanical breakdowns, government actions, weather, acts of God, strikes or other circumstances beyond our control.
  • Your failure to follow instructions including check-in and check-out places and times.
  • The loss of/or damage to participants’ baggage or its contents.
  • Any other matter unless expressly referred to in this agreement.


I agree that while I am on tour with Kiwiana Tours Limited (“KTL”) I will:

  1. Obey the KTL rules (as summarised in the KTL Booking Terms and Conditions and as directed by the Tour Manager and Tour Assistants).  I understand that if I break any rules or engage in conduct that could jeopardise the well-being of myself or others, I cannot continue the tour and will be sent back to my host family at my own cost with no refund from KTL. (University Students will be asked to leave the tour with no refund from KTL.)
  2. Not to consume, possess or purchase any alcoholic beverages (This excludes University Students) or illegal drugs. I understand that if I break this rule, I will be sent back to my host family immediately at my own cost with no refund from KTL. If I am found with drugs the New Zealand Police will be notified.
  3. Get my natural parents to sign the High Risk Activities Permission Form and provide it to KTL before I  participate in Bungy Jumping, Skydiving or any other high-risk activity, even if I am covered by my insurance. (This excludes University Students)
  4. Speak English at all times (except when I am on my own with someone from my own country)